drewski5000 presents CULTURE the series

Introducing my new series, Culture. Culture is about a high school nobody who becomes a famous college disc jockey and all the new ills that come with his newfound popularity. The series touches current social issues, political issues relationship issues in our generation.

The Pilot

Adrian and Jamal attend school on the first day of college. After the duo running into a high school crush, Adiran's whole life changes.

You Goin

Rachel is lonely and wants a relationship like Adrian and Tisha. After being convinced to get active on social media she finally gets the attention she wants.

Ole Girl

Adrian and Jamal's popularity increase dramatically on campus with the ladies. Adrian starts his own radio station.

Why Culture is Necessary

Culture will address all the very real issues of young adults, in a comical way, providing an eye openning experience into the world of a minority perspective. There will also be a progressive educational theme to each episode. We have shows like Empire (rich minority), Power (drug dealing minorities) Atlanta(rapper minorites), Insecure (minority women), but we do not have any shows that touch on the life of the everyday progressive millennial minority young adult. Twenty years from now, when people ask what was show touches this time period; we want it to be Culture.